Multiple yakitori with a flame over charcoal in Boston restaurant

Authentic Yakitori Japanese specialty restaurant in Watertown, MA

What is Yakitori?

Welcome To Boston's Favorite YAKITORI + Ramen RESTAURANT

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“Stay-Drink-Place.” A spot to grab a drink, settle in, and get comfortable. Izakaya literally translates to a Japanese style "drinking house" where there are a variety of small-portioned dishes with the sole purpose of creating joy and satisfaction while the guests enjoy a memorable time.

Wonderfully unique, tastefully inspired, fun for all

Carbon charcoal Tori Jiro cocktail glass and bottle
Rare Japanese whiskey bottles lined up on a wood counter and tiled backdrop
Sake Bottles lined up against a dark wall

The Perfect Pairing:



Japanese Whiskeys


The greatest compliment to delicious yakitori or some of the best ramen in Boston is a crisp drink. Whether it's a delightful sake, a cold cocktail or one of our 30+ Japanese whiskeys, everyone is sure to find their perfect food and drink match. Our staff is also always available to share their favorites and recommendations.

Our mixologist creates every cocktail with taste and aesthetic in mind.  From color changing cocktails to ones that are served with aromatic smoke, they are sure to please your taste buds and your Instagram followers.

We are the only bar in New England with over 30 Japanese whiskies.  All of our whiskey collection consists strictly of Japanese origin. From the Toki to the most prized Yamazki and Hibiki, we have it all

With our selection of over 20 sakes, we are sure you will find your favorite.