Group of customers dining and yakitori chef at Tori Jiro restaurant
Yakitori Boston Meat Skewer

Yakitori is the preparation of skewering the meat with kushi (串), a type of skewer typically made of steel or bamboo. The skewers are grilled over a charcoal fire - and pair perfectly with a cold crisp beer, Japanese whiskey, cocktail, or sake!

Using chicken from local farms to create a charcoal- grilled skewer we focus on yakitori and chicken dishes . We offer our prided yakitori that maximizes the flavor of the chicken with our special salt, secret seasoning, and unique sauce (tare).


Izakaya Boston Purple Drink at Tori Jiro sitting on the counter

Izakaya literally translates to a Japanese style "drinking house" where there are a variety of small-portioned dishes with the sole purpose of creating joy and satisfaction while the guests enjoy a memorable time.


Delicious bowl of pork Ramen at Tori Jiro in Boston

Our ramen soup base recipe is directly from Japan where they are served in over 50 of Tori Jiro's locations.  We are the first restaurant to bring chicken-based ramen to New England.  Our experts in Japan created this distinguished taste unique from the usual pork-based ramen.   We serve the original ramen base along with a few optional toppings that are specific to our restaurant here in Watertown.


Many different sake bottles at Tori Jiro Boston sitting on a counter

Along with our suppliers and certifed sake advisors, we have carefully curated our sake menu to pair up with japanese tapas, bringing a new and innovative dining experience to you.  With our selection of over 20 sakes, we are sure you will find your favorite.

Japanese Whiskey bottles  at Tori Jiro

We are the only bar in New England with over 30 Japanese whiskies.  All of our whiskey collection consists strictly of Japanese origin. From the Toki to the most prized Yamazki and Hibiki, we have it all.

Japanese Whiskey